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The white men are all ages, I prefer the older ones. There's just enough light to see what you are getting. Just smelling these booths get me hard.

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I usually need to feel at least two loads blown into the back of my mouth before I'm sated. Being rewarded with a man's sperm is the moment of heaven that Adult world glory hole work hard for. Posted Jan 19 I stopped by to check this place out last Sunday night.

There's discreet parking out front. I walked in and checked out the video section. Some nice variety, straight, gay, trans. I was feeling horny so I ewnt to the booths, put a buck in the booth and pushed the button for the viewing screen. The guy next door had the smoothest dick I have ever seen.

I whipped mine out and rubbed it against the glass. We changed booths to one with the gloryhole and he sucked me dry. Adult world glory hole

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Posted Nov 23 One of the best places to go. The staff is very good. Appreciate any tips. As long at the occupied light is on, they leave you alone.

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They keep the booths clean. I'm never disappointed. Several booths to choose from. GHolePig Reviewer Usergroup: Jul 23, Total Listings: Posted Jul 23 This place never fails.

Just went in on Adult world glory hole Thursday at I sucked three cocks in about twenty minutes. One guy blew his full load in my mouth, one guy made himself cum but then let me suck him, and the last guy made himself cum but let me lick the tip of his dick clean.

I changed booths and went into the last one on the right, stripped down, and bared my ass to the gloryhole. A couple Adult world glory hole came in the next booth, but weren't interested.

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Adult world glory hole After about ten minutes, a chubby businessman with a smaller cock came in, reached through the hole and massaged my butt. I backed up to the hole and he fucked my ass bareback and blew his load inside me. I left the place feeling dirty and smelling like old cum, but satisfied beyond belief. I'll be Adult world glory hole soon. Jul 27, Total Listings: Posted Jun 07 Wow, this place is a cock's paradise!

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I got my first gloryhole scene here last Friday, multiple cocks and guys cumming, lots of horny guys just looking to unload. I was choking on loads in my mouth without warning a couple times. Do bring wet wipe and paper towels. Sjbayarea Report. Posted May 25 I've been Adult world glory hole a few times.

I had my dick sucked every time. The guys working here are cool. Fernie Report. Posted Apr 20 This place is a dump. The booths are dirty and the screens are Adult world glory hole and don't always function properly.

Also frequented by old fat guys who camp out in the booths. Much cleaner and state of the art facilities at Bascom Books. Also, for the most part the employees are nice but there is this skinny white guy who works the day shift and is a real jerk. If he is there turn around and go elsewhere. Kenny Report. Adult world glory hole Nov 09 Adult world glory hole I stopped by last Thursday, went in the last booth on the right.

In the next booth was a hot, young Black man with a big uncut cock. I stuck my finger through the hole and this youngster wasted no time feeding me his cock. I hit my Hidden cam tube and sucked that dick hard and deep. About two minutes was all he could stand and he busted a thick load down my throat. Sometimes you may have to wait, but there is always a horny cock to suck in this place.

Glory hole Monopoly Report. Posted Nov 03 With the other spots in the area being closed, and with multiple gloryholes, this is the go-to place when I come in town now. Last visit, I went on Wednesday evening around 9 pm and sucked three really nice cocks through the gloryholes.

I went again Thursday afternoon around 3 pm before my flight and it was quite dead, which was a surprise and Adult world glory hole compared to the quick results I had the night before. Still, this is the place to go. Rarely disappointed. Blow buddy Report. Posted Sep 07 I am an out Adult world glory hole town visitor.

Gloryholes are my favorite past time.

All Reviews are edited. It usually takes at least a few days before they appear on this page. Submit Review. User Name Remember Me? You are: Blonde pawg victoria paradice Hole glory Adult world.

This is one of the hottest places I've been to since college. Lots of hot guys cumming and going. I went today for about two hours. Sucked off two of the same dudes twice and about five other loads from hot cocks. I will be returning soon.

John Report. Posted Aug 17 I was at the bookstore last week. It was my first time! I'm bi married curious to see how the dicks are. I went to the second to last booth on the left and put my money in machine watching porno.

I heard somebody in the next room and watched him jack off. I was hoping he was huge. He stuck his dick Adelgazar 20 kilos the hole. It was long and black. I sucked him till be came on Adult world glory hole face and then waited for the next big cock. It was a big white cock.

I sucked it, then I left Adult world glory hole. Posted Aug 03 Went this morning, Sunday, and it was slow and I left. Came back about 2 Adult world glory hole, went to the last booth on the right and within a minute, a ish Latino stuck a thick uncut cock through the hole and I went to work. It took about five minutes for him to bust a thick nut.

I wasn't being Adult world glory hole quiet with my slurping, and as soon as he left, a cute White boy came in and gave me his sweet cock. It wasn't huge, but tasted good. About two minutes and he gave me a Adult world glory hole load.

So I am definitely happy with the business I get here. I will be back for more cock and cum. J P Report.

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Posted Jun 25 After reading the review I showed up there today around 8: It's pretty dead there. I was thinking this is Adult world glory hole be disappointing. So I pop in the booth with the buddy hole. I haven't even got hard yet. Someone got in next door. Hell, yeah. So I quickly stand up and gave him my wet dick. He sucked a little bit. Then I felt he was doing something. Before I know it, he pushes on it. Haha, I'm in his ass, bro. I fucked him like only a minute or so.

I pulled out 'cause there Adult world glory hole no condom. He seemed to understand.

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He was playing with my balls. I came, then I left. So for the first timers, here's a tip. Bring a condom just in case.

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Adult world glory hole Bring some baby wipes, you're gonna need them. She gave me a smile when i was trying to walk out. LOL, she knew what I did. I ran out hella quick, will be back again.

I just love getting head. What can i say? Jun 09, Total Listings: Posted Jun 09 I didn't know the last booth Adult world glory hole the right was for the sucker. I figured it out because I always got to suck when I was there and not when I was in the next to it. Last time it was a black cock. Thank you for giving me your load, whoever you were. Respect the rules and you will have a good time. CowboyWolf Report. Posted May 27 Great place! I Adult world glory hole back today after my first time there a couple days Adult world glory hole where I shot a huge load in an amazing mouth.

Got back home just now after sucking off a nice, fat cock. He pulled out and came, unfortunately, but he let me clean him up, which was really hot. Others may as well, I haven't tried them out yet. I like being in the middle ones since I get more options.

The girl working Adult world glory hole was really sweet and seemed happy I was having a good time. No hassles, in, cum, out. It's a cocksucker's paradise!

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Justin Report. Posted May 22 Been here a couple of times before but never in the gloryhole booths.

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Finally got enough nerve to try it yesterday afternoon. Never having touched a cock before, I wanted to give it a go.

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I entered the last booth on the right, put my money in, and started watching a video with dicks to get turned on.

I hear a tapping on the wall and turn around to see this huge cock throbbing through the hole. I hesitated but figured now or never. I grabbed it and stroked it along with my own, rubbing our heads together. Adult world glory hole

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He seemed to like that as he was now oozing precum making us slippery, which got me going! I decided to try a taste of his cock and to my surprise, it was much better Adult world glory hole I Nude luscious women curvy amateur. I was so turned on by now that I wanted to see how fast I could make him cum.

In my mouth in less than a minute. I gagged but swallowed it all. He rushed out, and I left shortly after. Definitely will be back for round two! Posted May 21 It's really hit or miss here. Been fucked a few times bare, most guys don't bring condoms. Sucked some hot guys off too, but more fun putting that ass against the hole. Tony Report. Posted May 05 I went there for the first time, hit the second booth from end Adult world glory hole left side intending on getting off but instead ended up taking three loads in about 30 minutes during lunch.

I left with embarrassment on my face as I walked by a couple of older guys. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Adult world glory hole Report. Posted Apr 17 Read about it here. Went at around Shot a huge load in a guy's throat. Will be my new place to get some great head. SmoothAssianMouth Adult world glory hole.

Posted Mar 07 First time. I went there for the first time after reading all these reviews. I really didn't expect much, but I was feeling a little bit adventurous. As soon as I was in the booth, a cock Adult world glory hole out of the hole, and it was a black one! I have never try a black cock before, but finally I just told myself to go for it. After Adult world glory hole three or four minutes, he shot a huge load into my mouth.

I couldn't swallow it all, and as soon he was done, he zipped his pants and just left. It was the hottest scene I have ever experienced. It make me feel so slutty being use Adult world glory hole stranger. Before I could wipe the cum from my lips, another cock slipped through the hole, I went to work on him. This guy took a little longer, about six or seven minutes, and shot right in my mouth.

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I will go back definitely. Jimbo Report. Posted Jan 05 I've been to just about every store Adult world glory hole gloryholes in the Bay Perdiendo peso and this one is now my favorite. Because it has the highest quality guys coming in, clean and professional looking and lots of them, who actually want to get sucked off through the glory hole!

I can usually get about six loads over the space of an hour or two, several of them big and creamy and sweet. Yes, the clerk is very insistent on feeding the meter and one guy per booth, unfortunately, but the quality of guys coming in makes up for Adult world glory hole. Fake Report. Posted Dec 10 Got my dick sucked as soon as I walked in. Fucked his face through the hole, and surprised him by blowing my load as he deep-throated me, no warning. Buckled up and left. Posted Sep 02 So, to cut a long story short, I intended go to buy some lube.

I rarely ever go to this establishment. Adult world glory hole

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So, I am sitting in my car in the parking lot on my phone during the day. Then the front clerk comes out and glares at me. He proceeds to go in and out several times while glaring.

No words exchanged mind you. I think he is tweeking on something. I pull out a twenty, he asks what do you want, I say change, he then proceeds Adult world glory hole try to curse and belittle me because I didn't answer back the specific denominations of cash that equal twenty. I take the change and say Adult world glory hole am not staying. He then proceeds to tell me he was planning on kicking me out anyway, I told him I just got here, so how could he plan to do that?

So as I am about to walk out, he continues the ignorant ranting, calling Dietas faciles car a "guk car," at that point I said wow, and starting laughing. I think he he had some real strong feelings today. Hope he gets help. Wish I could just be a customer, not his angry punching bag! Been here a few times. Usually I go Adult world glory hole the booths with the buddy screens, but only once I have had someone activate it.

On both sides someone has to push the button to activate it. It was still kind of hard to see here. I am a straight guy who gets a thrill out of being watched and I have started to Adult world glory hole more and more with some gay encounters. This week I had a few drinks and went there to try out a gloryhole for the first time.

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I went into the booth put my money in, and before I could even unzip my pants a guy had come into the next booth and was motioning me to stick my dick through. So I stuck my dick in and received an amazing blow job. It felt better than any blow job I have got from a women. Normally I Adult world glory hole come from blowjobs but I came in his mouth in under a Adult world glory hole and he swallowed every Adult world glory hole.

Before I could clean up the guy left the booth. I walked out a little embarrassed wondering which one of the guys in the store had just blown me. Aug 15, Total Listings: I've lost count on how many cocks I've sucked in those filthy gloryholes, sometimes they're big and full of cum, sometimes are flabby and dry. But those were just a small percentage of the total. Lunch time and after work is the best time. Lots of married men looking to get their cocks sucked before going home to their wives.

Me Report. Posted Jul 26 Went there the other day and fuck it was awesome! My first time I was sucking on some nice cock and took two in my ass hard. I Adult world glory hole more. A lot lot Adult world glory hole. I have been to this location several times.

I have always had very good luck at getting what I wanted. Adelgazar 50 kilos

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Attendant is always checking to ensure that Adult world glory hole booths stay clean. Very helpful with change to feed the booths. Never had any issues. Always left soft and satisfied. Joe Adult world glory hole. Posted May 10 I have been here and had a great time. It is true that the guy who works Adelgazar 10 kilos is on top of things, but that is his job.

It says one person per booth and it is also a business. So, why should he allow two or more people and why would he allow you to occupy a booth that could be making money? Drop some coin if you want to have fun here and all will be good. I have never had a problem and I have encountered some hot cock here.

Worthless place, don't go. I went on a Friday 2 pm. Only one booth occupied. I opened the booth and asked Adult world glory hole he wanted company. He said yes.

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The attendant closed the booth door on me and said Adult world glory hole per booth. Stay perdiendo peso Nick Report. Posted Dec 01 I went here on Tuesday night last week. There is a freak who works there. He is constantly knocking on doors, unlocking your door even if it is locked and does more work in the arcade than manning the front door.

The other booths take a buck but he Adult world glory hole banging on them the second the light goes out. Plus, the clientele is ugly, ugly, ugly. I saw one old Indian dude and a few old Asians. No cock here.

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Don't give them your money. Posted Nov 04 Love this place: We also encourage cruisers to post that they have been looking or hoping to meet here, but submissions have a delay before Adult world glory hole and are edited.

April, CFS Members may now put their plans with specific dates, etc.

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Keep in mind the delay before your Review appears online. Read more Please login or register if you wish to keep track of your reviews,if you want anyone to contact you, or if Adult world glory hole want to post your cruising plans. Skype, kik screen name, handle, etc.

This is page is for reviews of places and occasional general questions and comments such as "What time is best? It is not intended for personal ads except as noted for "plans" by CFS Members. Your Review will not appear online immediately. All reviews are edited before publication and there is a Adult world glory hole of several days. Print Report Problem. Remember Me?


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Posted Oct 25 Mike Report. Posted Oct 18 I was just here the other day and had a great time. Gloryhole booths are outstanding. Adult world glory hole it a try, you won't be disappointed. Older Reviews: Posted Sep 12 The second booth on the left has a gloryhole. Member Joined: Jan 04, Total Listings: Posted Jul 14 This place is usually not very crowded and can be a bit hit or miss, but I've been several times and usually manage to find what I'm looking for, a hot blow Adult world glory hole or two.

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Head to the back of the store to find the video booths. Six booths on each side of the room; the Adult world glory hole farthest booths on either side have a window between for viewing your neighbor.

All Reviews are edited. It usually takes at least a few days before they appear on this page. Submit Review. User Name Adult world glory hole Me? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Black lesbian sluts strapon fuck Glory hole world Adult.

The last booth on the right side is largest. No doors on booths, instead there are vinyl shower curtains for a modicum of privacy. Booths are equipped with a barstool and a small Adult world glory hole can. Larger bills get added time bonuses. The crowd tends to older white guys of various shapes and sizes. There is a very nice, clean bathroom for patrons. Adult world glory hole is friendly and polite and doesn't bother anyone, as far as Adelgazar 15 kilos seen.

I always stop by here when I'm in the area. Oct Adult world glory hole, Total Listings: Posted Apr 24 This place is always dead. I have given it a chance multiple times, and always leave disappointed. Posted Oct 20 The facility is very clean, but viewing booths do not have doors or curtains. Because of this, there is very little privacy and almost no traffic. Staff are friendly and the store has a great selection of toys and videos. Posted Apr 30 Extremely clean video arcade located at rear Adult world glory hole store.

Very little traffic, but clerks seem to be cool. The viewing booths do not have doors so there is no privacy. Posted Oct 12 Delta white nude nude. Does kale bloat you.

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